All the benefits at a glance

Free registration

Sign up for a trial and convince yourself! Set up an account and create your first ad. Payment is only required when posting the ad.

Centralised Address-Management

Multiple locations and billing addresses? No problem! You can manage all your addresses within one account - even transnationally.

Simple Ad Design

Create your ad in only three minutes - too easy!

Industry-oriented Focus

Save time creating long blurbs - we offer preset selection fields tailored to the hotel industry, hospitality and tourism.

Flexible Ad Management

You can edit and change your ads at any time. Even pause them. The remaining time will be retained.

Internal Applications System

Via our internal applications system you can view the documents of applicants and get in touch with them.

Seasonary translates for you

Your ads are automatically posted worldwide - translated into 83% of all official languages.

Seasonary makes the perfect match possible

Our intelligent job filter sorts the search results and shows your ad to the applicants best suited.

Seasonary showcase your job ads the best way possible

Your ads are wel-structured presented clearly with large images and facts.

Seasonary increases your reach

We spread the word internationally making sure your ad is shown on all relevant social media platforms.