Terms and Conditions

Area of Application

The job portal seasonary.com is run by Seasonary GmbH (hereafter termed Seasonary) located in Dresden, Germany. The terms and conditions apply to contracts between the client and Seasonary.

Advertisement Order

To publish an advertisement on seasonary.com the client must confirm an online advertisement order. The contract with the client is verified by accepting the offer or by publication of the advertisement. The conclusion of contract is no transference of ownership, usage authorisation, licence or any other rights pertaining to the software of Seasonary. The publication is only granted when the client provides all information and graphic materials in the required file format. Personal layouts and customised placements cannot be accommodated.

Handling and Verification

The advertisement will be published on the date specified by the client. Between the time of receiving the order and the publication there is a handling and verification period of up to six hours. Has the client not specified a date then the advertisement will be released once handled and verified.


Seasonary reserves the right to refuse orders due to their content, origin or technical form according to standard, factually justified principles, if their content is considered against the law, official provisions or common decency, or their release is unacceptable. If such content was already published Seasonary can delete all related contents. The refusal or deletion will be communicated immediately to the client via email. The same rules apply if the client wishes to embed links on the site that violate the law, official provisions or common decency. The client's duty to pay remains unaffected.

Responsibility for Content

Responsibility for the content, the legal admissibility for the publication of the advertisement lies with the client. Seasonary is not responsible for verifying wether advertisements infringe the rights of third parties. The client is obliged to exempt Seasonary from any third-party claims that could affect the order completion. In the case that the order or advertisement is cancelled the client will compensate Seasonary for all their incurred costs.

Transference of Usage Authorisation

By forwarding graphic materials and information the client grants Seasonary a world-wide, non-exclusive, non-remunerated licence (with the right to sub-licence) to use, copy, adapt, publish, transfer and disseminate this content via various channels of distribution that currently exist or will exist in future. By placing an order the client agrees that they have obtained all necessary rights of use for the graphic materials and information they provide. Furthermore, by placing an order the client agrees to the transference of usage authorisation of their protected rights such as trademarks and copyrights if these are being utilised in the publication of the advertisement.

Claim Period

The claim period is three days post online activation. All defects will be addressed immediately and furthermore the client will receive an extension on the time period in which the advertisement is online.


Advertisements will be online without Seasonary guaranteeing the client a particular amount of views or applications.

Retention Period

Once an advertisement has expired Seasonary will delete all related information. The saved company details and graphic materials will remain on file until the client deletes their account.

Payment Period

Invoices - if not specified otherwise - will be issued and forwarded to the client once an order has been completed. Invoices are payable via advance payment, immediate transfer or credit card without deductions.

Extension of Online Activation

In the case of any business interruption that causes a temporary time-out of an online-activated advertisement the client will receive an extension of the length of the time-out. Further claims cannot be made.

Late Payment

Late payments can result in a default interest including all related collection costs. Furthermore Seasonary is authorised to postpone the completion of all other orders until payment is settled and require advance payment for all future orders. The same applies if there is reasonable doubt about the client's ability to pay.

Form Requirements

Any deviating regulations require written form.

Place of Jurisdiction

The Law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. The place of jurisdiction is Dresden.

Severability Clause

Should parts of these terms and conditions be invalid, then the effectiveness of other parts is not compromised.

Status: October 2017