Terms of Use


The job portal seasonary.com run by Seasonary GmbH provides a platform through which companies - hereinafter called employers - from hospitality, tourism, hotel and related sectors can showcase themselves and place job advertisements. They can offer full time and part time positions as well as training and internships. Interested parties - hereinafter called job seekers - can view the offers and apply directly through the job portal.

§ 1 Operator of the Portal

Seasonary GmbH, Schäferstraße 44, 01067 Dresden, Germany - hereinafter called operator - manages the job portal Seasonary on their website www.seasonary.com.

§ 2 Use of the Portal

1. Any natural person or legal entity can use the job portal.

2. The use of the job portal is free of charge for job seekers.

3. The use of the job portal and permanent company presentation are free of charge for employers. Placing a job advertisement is fee-based.

§ 3 Job Seeker Registration

1. To enable complete use of our internal domain including options to save information, documents and create lists you must register as a job seeker.

2. By registering as a job seeker you accept our Terms of Use.

3. To register you add your name, surname and email address to our registration form for job seekers and send it in. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. Once confirmed you will receive an email with a password. You will be able to log in to your new account with this password and your email address.

4. You are able to adjust account settings and upload personal documents such as CVs, certificates etc. An employer is only able to view a job seekers information and documents once they have applied for a job and approved their release. The job seeker is responsible for the information they enter and the images and documents they upload.

§ 4 Employer Registration

1. To enable complete use of our internal domain including options to showcase your company and place advertisements you must register as an employer.

2. Only persons who own a company, who are an amployee and acting on behalf of a company or are employed as an external service provider to a company and acting on their behalf, can register as an employer.

3. By registering the employer accepts the Terms of Use.

4. To register you add your name, surname and email address to our registration form for employers and send it in. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. Once confirmed you will receive an email with a password. You will be able to log in to your new account with this password and your email address.

5. The user can add additional users to the account and allocate rights of use. The general domain of the account can be edited by all registered users and the personal domain only by the individual user. The account is available to all users concurrently and can be operated in multiple languages.

6. According to the Terms and Conditions specified by Seasonary the employer is responsible for any entered or uploaded content such as information, images and documents.

§ 5 Extent of Services offered by the Operator

1. The operator saves the users entered content within their database. The internet display follows through the job portal where any person can view the content regardless of registration status.

2. The operator offers the registered job seekers and employers direct communication through the portal once a job seeker has responded to an advertisement with an application and hence has agreed to the release of their information and documents to be viewed by the employer only.

3. If the user specified their website upon registration the operator will place a hyperlink within the job portal without appropriating its content.

4. The operator does not deliver services beyond the ones specified in paragraphs 1 to 3. Furthermore they are not liable to review, update or complete the information provided by the user.

§ 6 Rights and Obligations of the User

1. The user agrees to only place admissible - see § 7 - job offers through the job portal. They are responsible to make sure the offer is accurate, orderly, complete and up to date.

2. The user may only add offers to the job portal that do not breach the Terms of Use or any existing law. In particular they must ensure that they have the right to utilise content, such as images for example.

3. The user may add his own website and the operator will embed a link. However the website must relate to the placed advertisement, must be free of charge and not breach any existing laws.

4. The user is allowed to edit, pause or delete an advertisement at any point and without stating any reason,

5. The user has the right to leave the job portal at any time and without notice. The operator need not be involved. The user can simply deregister through their account.

§ 7 Admissible Job Offers

1. Users may only post offers that are consistent with intent and purpose of the job portal. Their reasons must be employment, apprenticeship or internship and clearly explain the available position.

2. Following job offers may not be posted in the job portal:

  • Offers that violate applicable law, common decency and human dignity as well as offers that breach official prohibitions and third-party rights - such as any existing Minimum Wage legislation, Occupational Health and Safety legislation, and Working Hours, Equal Treatment and Copyright laws.
  • Offers related to erotica, adult entertainment and prostitution.
  • Offers wholly or partially relating to advertising and business purposes or to the promotion of products and services.
  • Any kind of fee-based offer unless the duty of payment is regulated by law.
  • Offers that contain inaccurate, vague or deceptive facts or that are misleading in relation to the identity of the provider.
  • Offers that solely aim at gaining business or sales partners or serve the operation of so called snowball systems or pyramid schemes.

§ 8 Rights of the Operator

1. In the event of any infringement of the Terms of Use the operator has the right to delete the users offers, their account as well as bar their access to the job portal either temporarily or permanently without prior notice and effective immediately. The operator also withholds the right to remove any links to websites that do not comply with § 6 section 3.

2. In the event of any discontinuation or removal of an offer, user account or access to the job portal, as stipulated in § 8 section 1, or the removal of a link, see § 6 section 3, the operator withholds the right to claim compensation for the resulting damage to material and personnel expenses.

3. Offers that are not current anymore can be deleted by the operator without prior notice.

§ 9 Copyright

1. The user grants the operator a worldwide, non-exclusive, free of charge licence - with the right to sub-licence - the placed offers and text and image materials with a temporally unlimited right of use for the purposes of presentation on the job portal and all related distribution channels.

2. The operator withholds the right to edit text and image material for the purpose of harmonious incorporation into the job portal without consultation.

3. The copyright of the job portal in its entirety lies with the operator.

4. The user ensures and declares that they own copyright and right of use for utilized materials of all sort and that no third-party rights are breached. The user must obtain necessary permission. In the event of any third-party rights infringement the user agrees to exempt the operator from any associated claims and will themselves compensate for any material or financial damage.

§ 10 Limitation of Liability of the Operator

1. The operator only bears liability for damage related to intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty through the operator themselves, their legal representative or their vicarious agent. The operator is excluded from any other liability.

2. The operator is not liable for legality, admissibility, accuracy, completeness or topicality of the information registered users post in the job portal. The responsibility and liability lies solely with the user, see § 6.

3. The operator is not liable for the content of other websites with which the operator is interlinked. They do not take ownership of the content and therefore bear no responsibility.

§ 11 Amendment of the Terms of Use

The operator withholds the right to amend and adjust the Terms of Use. Amendments and adjustments will be published on the home page of the job portal.

§ 12 Final Provisions

In the event that a clause from the Terms of Use becomes invalid the remaining clauses remain unaffected. The invalid clause is to be considered as replaced by a valid clause closest to the content and purpose, when viewed from an economic standpoint, of the invalid clause. The same applies to regulatory gaps.

Status: November 2017