About Seasonary

Seasonary is an international online platform connecting temps, professionals and managers or executives from the hotel industry, gastronomy, tourism and related service sectors. Our vision is to revolutionise the way employment is mediated.

We aim to provide the employer as well as the job seeker with an entirely new user experience. Our focus is on an emotional strategy with an intuitive application. Large images combined with precise, industry-specific facts allow both parties to come together more quickly and easily.

Our multilingual approach allows for connections to be made not only within your own language region, but worldwide. We offer job seekers and employers a completely new method of working and hence market.

Our team

Pavel Mencl

Shareholder, Sales


Cindy Ohlhöft

Management, Sales, Marketing


Robert Friedrich

Shareholder, Sales, Marketing


David Scarborough

Shareholder, Product Development


Harald Heinze

Shareholder, Product Development


Nils Zenker

Product Development


Christoph Glaser

Shareholder, Advisor


Rene Fischer



Mike Schneider



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Phone: +49 351 84723116
E-Mail: info@seasonary.com